27 April 2017

GW35 Top Five Key Players

Coutinho’s (8.5) form across the last six gameweeks have propelled him to the front of our minds, and with the other five “top six” teams coming into gameweek 35 off the back of very packed schedules, we thought it was only right to make Philippe our headline pick having had 11 days of rest and no risk of rotation. Over the last six gameweeks the lively South-American has attempted 22 shots at goal, more than Son (7.3) 21, Sigurdsson (7.5) 20, Firmino (8.7) 15 and Alli (9.2) 14.

20 April 2017

GW34 Top Five Key Players

The words "frustratingly bad" have rarely looked out of place when describing Benteke over the course of the last two seasons, but the Belgium is finally beginning to turn things around for club and country with a fine spell of recent form. Timely, with this week's double-gameweek. Many FPL manager's attentions of late have been directed towards Zaha (6.0) and Middlesbrough defenders. However, only Agüero (12.8) can better Benteke’s goals scored in the last four gameweeks with four. But, the Belgium matches Agüero’s goal involvement when including his solitary assist, meaning that the two of them are standouts with four contributions each.

13 April 2017

GW33 Top Five Key Players

Lukaku (10.4) has played at home five times over the last ten gameweeks and has averaged a ginormous 13.6 points per game, helped by his impressive game averages which consist of 2.8 shots on target, 2.0 goals and 0.4 assists. Numbers that Ibrahimovic (11.4), Aguero (12.8) and Kane (11.3) cannot compete with.

6 April 2017

GW32 Top Five Key Players

Agüero (12.7) featured as part of our gameweek 30 & 31 Top Five Key player picks, and with a solid return of 15 points from two tough away fixtures versus Arsenal and Chelsea, this is a no-brainer. Agüero has been the most active striker across FPL when it comes to shots on target over the season, averaging a shot on target every 50.8 minutes versus Kane (11.2) with 52.2 minutes, Ibrahimovic (11.4) 56.6 minutes, and Lukaku (10.4) 64 minutes.

30 March 2017

GW30 & GW31 Top Five Key Players

We look to Alli (8.9) to step up as our headline pick for gameweek 30, in the absence of Kane (11.2). The young Englishman has attempted an effort on goal every 34.2 minutes, which betters both Hazard’s (10.2), 40.3 minutes and Mane’s (9.8), 40.6 minutes. Other than Sánchez (11.6) who has scored 18 goals this season (predominantly playing from a lone-forward position), Alli has scored the second highest total of goals across the midfield, with 14. In his last three league games he has scored three and assisted one. Sandwiched in the middle of that was an Emirates FA Cup game where he also scored and assisted one. So, it looks like he is back to his hot-streak which spanned from gameweek 17 to gameweek 22.

16 March 2017

GW29 Top Five Key Players

Lukaku (10.2) is now the most owned player across live teams. The powerful young forward sits in 62.8% of sides and like all good trends, there is a solid foundation behind the rise in his popularity. Lukaku has scored seven goals and one assist in the last six gameweeks with only the suspended Ibrahimovic (11.5) and the mercurial Benteke (7.0) managing more shots with 19 a piece to Lukaku's 18 over that timeframe. Lukaku is predicted to score 6.2 points according to our Fix algorithm and no other striker comes close for gameweek 29.

9 March 2017

GW28 Top Five Key Players

Our headline pick may come as a surprise with Mané (9.5) in such scintillating form. But, it is Firmino (8.4) who comes into this fixture with the best averages across the last six home games and it would be wrong of us not to bring this to your attention. Firmino has averaged more points, goals, shots and shots on target than both Mané and Coutinho (8.2) during that period as you can see in the infographic below. In fact, Firmino has had more shots on target at home this season with 19, than Eriksen (8.6), 17, Alli (8.7), 17, Hazard (10.2), 15, Mané, 14 and De Bruyne (10.5) 13.

2 March 2017

GW27 Top Five Key Players

At this point of the season, Agüero (12.7), would typically set you back more than his starting price. Pep's often peculiar rotation has hampered both Agüero's form/returns and as a result he costs 0.3 less than he started. With a double-gameweek thrust upon us with little warning, Agüero is almost essential with Jesus (9.0) out injured. The Argentine has been attempting chances on goal more frequently (every 18.8 minutes) than all the heavy-hitters this season, who have respectively achieved; Ibrahimovic (11.5), 22.4, Kane (11.3), 29.4, Costa (10.7), 30.3, Lukaku (10.0), 34. His 136.4 minutes per goal also betters that of Costa, 138.1, and Ibrahimovic, 152

23 Feb. 2017

GW26 Top Five Key Players

Lukaku (9.9), the man, the myth, the troll! Yes, Romelu will sting you from time to time with a run of blanks, but he is nothing short of consistent in respect to goals over a season. His numbers for a 23-year-old are exemplary having already scored 76 Premier League goals from just 173 appearances. He is our headline pick for gameweek 26 and it does not make sense to be looking anywhere else, right about now. The numbers stack up so we can only hope he does not have one of his unfathomable blanks against one of the most destitute sides in the league on current form. On to the numbers...

9 Feb. 2017

GW25 Top Five Key Players

Sigurdsson (7.4) moves from one of our differential picks earlier in the season, to headliner for gameweek 25. The Icelander is predicted to be one of the top scoring midfielders in gameweek 25 according to our Fix algorithm. He has had more shots on target than any other midfielder at home this season and there is not a single midfielder across the game who has contributed to as many goals as Gylfi, 15, eight goals and seven assists. If we analyse his numbers more closely we also see that he has been involved with more goals for his team, 53.6%, than FPL’s most expensive midfielder Sánchez (11.8) who has contributed to 45.1%.

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