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FPL Plus: the future of FPL

Fantasy Football Fix 3 March 2024

If you want some of the most powerful Fix tools at your fingertips, without having to leave the Official Fantasy Premier League (FPL) website, then look no further than FPL Plus – the browser extension for Google Chrome.

Packed with game-changing features, all in one place, FPL Plus will supercharge your Fantasy Premier League experience. This guide will talk you through the tools on offer and how to get the most out of the new features.

Points Tab

The first thing you will notice is the enhancements to the Points tab. The new look FPL website shows your Gameweek points, average points, highest points and your Gameweek rank, as well as the number of transfers made prior to that Gameweek.

Screenshot 2022-10-02 at 08.17.52

The enhanced Points tab is packed with useful data, such as Average Team Value and Chip Statistics

With FPL Plus, you get a lot more information, including Transfer Cost, Team Value, Fixtures Played, Captains Played and Average Team Value. From here, you can also see statistics such as the percentage of managers who have played their Wildcard – or other chips – so you can compare your situation to all the other FPL managers playing the game. Alternatively, you can use the rank tier buttons to refine the data so that it only considers managers who are an immediate threat to your rank.

FPL PLus points rank tiers

Filter information by rank tier so you see only the information which is relevant to you

Team View

The iconic Team View has also been enhanced with even more useful information.

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 07.11.55

Effective Ownership and Live Points are just some of the enhancements made to the Team View

During a Gameweek, you will be able to see Effective Ownership statistics (which includes how many times that player has been captained), as well as that player’s Live Points, their Effective Points (which shows how much you will benefit from the points that player earns) and the Effective Rank (which shows the effect that player is having on your Overall Rank).

For managers in a rush, we have developed a ‘quick glance’ system which places a custom emoji by each player so you can quickly see the impact that player will have on your team if he gets a return.

Nemesis Team

As we know, FPL is not all sunshine and roses, and of course there will be players who you don’t own that will have an adverse impact on your rank. The Nemesis Team shows you 15 players who are causing you the most damage as the Gameweek unfolds.

FPL Plus nemesis view

Nemesis Team: see the biggest threats to your rank from players you do not own

Algorithm Team

Finally, the Algorithm Team is a squad picked by the Fix Algorithm to score the most projected points in the coming Gameweek. It has the budget of an average Top 100k manager and can be used to check if your squad is heading in the right direction.

algorithm team

Use the Algorithm XI feature to see the team predicted to score the most points - data taken from Player Points Projections


Finally, you will find some easily accessible links to some of our most popular tools (Match Opta Stats, Live Insights and Fix Rivals)

Pick Team Tab

When the matches have finished and the points have been counted, this is where the proper planning begins and managers head over to the Pick Team tab. This is where the FPL Plus enhancements will give you the edge over your mini-league rivals and ensure you don’t have to leave the Official FPL website to get key information.

Fixture Analyser

Data is taken from the FDR and placed under each player for convenience. At a glance, managers can see which players are long-term holds and which players may need to be moved on. Managers can shuffle their bench around to cover players who have poor fixtures, using the intuitive colour-coded dots.

FPL Plus pick team old

The original Pick Team view as shown on the Official FPL website

FPL PLus pick team new

Enhanced Pick Team view with FPL Plus Google Chrome Extension- showing player specific fixture difficulty

Projected Points

Powered by the Algorithm, the Projected Points sub tab allows you to see what each player is predicted to earn in the next three Gameweeks, using colour-coded dots to help make more efficient planning.

FPL Plus projected points

Player Projected Points- are shown under each squad member so you can optimise your team at a glance

Transfers Tab

Monitoring player prices is one of the more frustrating aspects of FPL, but we have that covered on the Transfers tab. Understanding your budget is a lot easier when you can track the purchase price and selling price of each player.

FPL plus price

Player prices are refined with purchase and selling information, in addition to the player's current price

In addition, you can keep an eye on any of your players who are due a price change by flicking over to the Price Change sub-tab. Here you will be alerted to any players whose value may go up or down overnight.

price change

Check the likelihood that a player's price will change overnight with data ported directly from the Price Change Predictor

Price Changes Tab

Perhaps more important than monitoring your own players’ prices, is keeping an eye out for the players on your Watchlist. For that, we have created the Price Changes tab. This area will show you the key information from the Price Change Predictor, for all the players in the game. Crucially, find out when the price change is going to happen and beat your rivals to it.

FPL Plus price change predictor

Knowledge is power: the Price Change Predictor means you never have to be stung by a price change again

Fix Account Synchronisation

And if all that wasn’t enough, the FPL Plus Google Chrome Extension allows you to keep your FPL squad securely synchronised with your Fix account, so that manually re-loading is a thing of the past.

By Matt Whelan

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