7 Jan.

Point Projections for Double Gameweek 22 players

The Double Gameweek 22 fixtures have been announced with Man. Utd, Brentford, Watford, Burnley, Leicester, Chelsea, Brighton and Spurs all featuring twice. In this blog, the Fix Algorithm point projections for their players are analysed for the double and beyond.


Ronaldo (12.1) is by some distance the highest projected scorer for double gameweek 22. The Leicester midfield duo of Maddison (9.7) and Tielemans (8.8) come in second and third which indicates the Algorithm expects Leicester to do well. Kane (8.5) and Son (8.4) occupy the fifth and sixth position (note; this blog was written before Son’s injury announcement - who now looks likely to miss double gameweek 22).


Expanding the period to the next four gameweeks (GW22-25), Ronaldo (31.3) still comes out on top which indicates he is a good long term acquisition for your squad and should be considered. Maddison (22.8) also fares favourably in fifth spot and is a great buy for the double and beyond. The Liverpool duo of Jota and Alexander-Arnold should be held onto despite the lack of a double in 22.


Alonso (8.1) and Azpilicueta (7.2) are the top-two projected defenders for double gameweek 22 but they fare quite poorly for projections over the next four gameweeks due to their blanks in gameweek 24 and 25. Cucurella (7.1) and Rüdiger (6.9) are also projected to do well in double gameweek 22 but their projections beyond are quite poor. Based on this, bringing in any of the aforementioned double gameweek defenders looks risky with their prospects looking poor long term.


As touched upon, Maddison and Tielemans have excellent projections for double gameweek 22 and beyond making them the top targets in midfield. B. Fernandes is an interesting one, the Portugal international was benched for the Red Devils' last game but is likely to return to the starting lineup and is owned by just 14.6% overall which could make him a great differential.


Wood (8.1) is projected to be the top budget forward for double gameweek 22 but he is ranked just seventh amongst forwards (17.6) over the next four gameweeks. Dennis (7.1) appears to be the better option with a more favourable schedule after the doubles which ranks him as the fifth-highest projected forward over the next four. It is worth mentioning that Antonio (20.8) is still the fourth-highest projected forward over the next four gameweeks so managers should think twice before getting rid of him for a double gameweek asset.