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Fantasy Premier League 2024/25: It's Coming!

Fantasy Football Fix 8 July 2024

Fantasy Premier League 2024/25: What We Know So Far

In an article published on Monday, Fantasy Premier League suggested that the launch day is drawing near.

While an exact date hasn't been announced, it's customary for a series of price reveals to occur a few days before the game goes live. These price reveals will be the clearest sign yet that the relaunch is imminent.

Here's a quick look at what we know so far...

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Exciting New Strategy Changing Features

This season, FPL is introducing new features designed to enhance the gaming experience and provide fresh challenges for managers.

Screenshot from Fantasy Premier League

The above is a screenshot from Fantasy Premier League

While the specifics are still under wraps, some are suggesting the introduction of new chips or a more dynamic scoring system. These innovations aim to make the 2024/25 season more engaging and competitive than ever.

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Player Price Reveals & Position Changes

As in previous seasons, FPL have said they will adjust player prices and positions. Price changes are done based on players' previous season's performance, potential in the upcoming season, and transfers. These adjustments create new opportunities and challenges for managers. For example, breakout stars, such as Cole Palmer, from last season may see significant price hikes, while underperformers might become more affordable options.

Changes in player positions can also affect their appeal and potential points. For instance, a midfielder who played a more attacking role might be reclassified as a forward.

Early Account Verification

Managers can now verify their Fantasy Premier League accounts ahead of the game launch. This step allows managers to be among the first to pick their 2024/25 squads when the game goes live.

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