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2 Aug.

Elite XI: Team Reveal - Meet the Manager

The Elite XI: Team Reveal feature allows Fix Premium Plus members exclusive access to the greatest Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers. The combined Elite XI boasts an extraordinary 60 top 5k finishes and 80 top 10k finishes. Offering real-time tracking data, push notifications and detailed insight into manager’s strategies, the Elite XI is unlike any other team reveal.

This weekly article will take you deep into the mindset of the world’s best FPL managers, allowing you to match your playing style to individual members of the Elite XI and use their incredible insight to help inform your own FPL decisions.

Craig Reumert
(AKA Copenhagen Wednesday)

  • Top 5k Finishes: 4
  • Top 10k Finishes: 6
  • Best Overall Rank: 80

This week we talked to Craig Reumert, who you may know as Copenhagen Wednesday. This Elite XI manager has been playing for 15 years and has amassed an impressive record. In 2018, he came 80th in the world and has 4 top 5k finishes under his belt.

Playing Style

First and foremost, Craig is a planner; this is no small part because he has two children and a busy home life. In order to minimise the time spent on FPL, Craig forms a solid plan for weeks ahead and books his moves in advance.

As well as looking ahead, he also breaks the season into blocks and seeks to maximise points over a set timeframe. He has no problems taking points hits to ensure that he owns a player during what he sees as an optimal period of the season.

I like to think ahead. At any given time, I could probably tell you which moves I will be most likely to make, five or six weeks in advance. I always have an idea about what I am going to do. That’s not to say I can’t be swayed, but I am definitely fixtures over form.

In terms of aversion to risk, Craig points out that it depends how you define a risk in the first place. Using hits as an example, Craig accepts that many see hit-taking as a risky business but illustrates that when your playing style involves targeting larger periods of time, then the chance of making good on your investment increases.

Some people would see taking a hit as a risk but if I am targeting someone for a six-week block and I think they are going to outscore the person they are replacing by 20 points, then that to me is not a risk – it’s a no brainer! In fact, the risk is actually not taking the hit.

As regards chip strategy, Craig is not a big fan of any of the chips with the exception of the Wildcard, which he sees as an opportunity to reset the team and begin planning anew. His least favourite chip is the Bench Boost.