Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have recently introduced passwordless login. Click here to login password free using a magic link which will be sent to your email.

If you are currently trying to login using email and password, please use the password-free login option by clicking here.

Once logged in to fantasy football fix, you have the option to create a secure password (which we recommend is different from your FPL password), or you can change the existing password you currently use.

Click here to create or change your existing password on your account settings page.

By uploading your FPL squad into our website, you are registering as a Fantasy Football Fix user. We will store your email address on our database. No plain text password data is stored on our server. This is hashed securely using Argon2 hash and salt hashing algorithm. 

Your FPL password is only required to link your team using our app. This is only used locally on your device and is not sent to our server.

Please go to your account settings by clicking here. You can then change your email and save it. If you have a membership this will transfer over to new email address.

Yes, we no longer require your FPL password to log into fix. You can either change your existing password by clicking here, or you can now login password free using magic link by clicking here.

We ask you to create your account using FPL email, so if you choose to link your FPL team with fix at a later stage, it saves us having multiple email addresses for your account.

No, if you want to link your team after you have logged in, you can do this in a few simple steps to personalise all the fix features to your squad.