1 Aug.

Statman Dave's FPL Draft

By Fantasy Football Fix ()

Statman Dave is a football analyst who likes to talk tactics and analysis on the biggest European matches, and covers topics from statistics to the discovery of exciting new talent.

You may have seen him on Sky Sports, BBC or elsewhere, but have you seen his Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team? In this article, we look at Statman Dave’s current FPL draft and hear about some of the Fix tools he uses to inform his decisions.


Aaron Ramsdale.jpg

Ramsdale had an Expected Clean Sheets score (5th best) of 14.16 last season - taken from the Opta Stats Sandbox tool

Between the sticks Statman Dave has decided to compromise between the budget and premium options and has picked Aaron Ramsdale (£5m) who has the third best run of opening fixtures, not facing a tricky patch of matches until Gameweek 9. Danny Ward (£4m) makes the bench.

Fixture-Analyser (2)

You can analyse team's fixtures by both defensive and attacking difficulty with the Fixture Planner


Trent Alexander Arnold.JPG

Alexander-Arnold made 88 attempted assists in the 2021/22 season - taken from the Opta Player Heatmaps

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