21 Sept.

Midfielder Point Projections

By Fantasy Football Fix ()

In this blog, the Fix Algorithm point projections for midfielders over the next eight gameweeks are analysed.


Salah (50.9) tops the midfielder point projections with De Bruyne (45.0) in second and Son (38.7) in third. The blank gameweek 12 fixture is largely to blame for the Belgian international's second place spot and he is projected to outscore Salah (18.5 vs 16.3) for the next three weeks prior to that blank. Maddison (38.3) and Zaha (35.8) appear to be the best mid-priced options while Martinelli (34.0) still manages to come in seventh despite the gameweek 12 blank.


The above image from the Fix Comparison Matrix shows why Maddison and Zaha are the highest projected mid-priced midfielders. Maddison tops the comparison for shots per game (3.3), attempted assists (2.2) and penalty area actions (5.5) while he trails only Zaha for shots on target (1.2 to 1.6). The Palace talisman is top for FPL points (6.2) and goals (0.8) while only Kulusevski (1.7) and Maddison (2.2) have attempted more assists per game (1.4).


As the above image from our Fixture Analyser shows, the duo also have excellent fixtures in the short term. Leicester are ranked second for the next four gameweeks while Palace are close behind in third.

Can Díaz match Salah?


A look at the above image from our Fix Heatmaps feature shows that in terms of goal threat, Díaz is not too far behind Salah with 16 shots to the Egyptian international's 17. Their 'Expected Goals' (xG) numbers are quite similar as well (2.54 vs 2.31), but there is a significant difference in terms of creativity with Salah creating 23 chances to the Colombian international's four. There is a huge price difference of over 4m between the two and if captaincy is not a factor, going with Díaz over Salah could be a viable strategy.

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