12 Jan.

Kane vs Ronaldo comparison

By Fantasy Football Fix ()


Kane and Ronaldo are likely to be popular captaincy options in double gameweek 22, and their numbers are compared over the last six gameweeks using the Fix Heatmaps feature. As the image above shows, both players have played a similar number of minutes (334 vs 360) and Ronaldo has slightly edged it in terms of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) points (20 to 24).


Despite having a reputation for dropping deep, it is Kane who has the more impressive ‘Touch Map’. The England international has taken more penalty area touches than Ronaldo and more of these touches seem to be in a central area which is ideal from an FPL standpoint.


The 'Average Defensive Radar' backs up what is seen in the Touch Map with Ronaldo managing more tackles and recoveries than Kane. However, Kane's 'Average Attack Radar' looks much more superior to Ronaldo's in terms of shots, shots in the box (SiB) and shots on target (SoT).


The underlying numbers make for interesting reading. Even though Kane averages 5.12 shots to Ronaldo's 3.5, they average the same ‘Expected Goals’ (xG) (0.74), which indicates that Ronaldo has the edge when it comes to quality of chances afforded. This is despite Kane averaging 2.16 SoT to Ronaldo's one. Kane appears to be the more creative of the two as well with an average ‘Expected Assists’ (xA) figure of 0.18 compared to Ronaldo's 0.06.


As the above image from our FPL Statistics feature shows, Kane's ownership is below 10% across all rank tiers referenced. This makes him much more of a differential “sword” option compared to Ronaldo.


Ronaldo's ownership is significantly higher, over triple that of Kane's across the rank tiers. As the above comparison shows, Kane has the edge in terms of underlying numbers and will provide a much more significant rank gain if he delivers.

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