16 Sept.

GW8: Buy, Sell, Keep

As the deadline looms closer, it is time to decide what to do with our precious free transfer(s). Aside from playing chips or selecting a captain, our transfers are the single most important aspect of our FPL campaign, and the importance of getting it right cannot be overstated.

In this article we crunch the numbers, analyse the fixtures, take advice from the Algorithm, and decide which player to buy, which player to sell, and which player to keep for Gameweek 8.

BUY: Aleksandar Mitrović

  • Cost: £6.9m
  • Selected by: 29.1%
  • Projected Points (5 GWs): 23.2

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Mitrović’s start to the Premier League campaign is not that the Serbian striker has scored six goals, but the fact he has scored them against difficult opposition. After facing Liverpool, Wolves, Brentford, Arsenal, Brighton and Tottenham in their first six games, it could be argued that Fulham has had the most difficult start of all.

But, heading into Gameweek 8, the tides are turning for Fulham and they are ranked in the top three for both attack and defence fixture difficulty. This is one of those rare situations where form, fixtures, and value converge perfectly.

fulham attack difficulty

Fulham is ranked second for fixture attack difficulty - taken from Fixture Planner

There are also multiple routes to Mitrović. If you can free up funds elsewhere, then a budget enabler (such as Cameron Archer (£4.3m)) can be upgraded. If this isn’t possible, then Gabriel Jesus (£8.1m) – who is about to embark on a difficult run of fixtures (including blanking in Gameweek 12) – can be downgraded, freeing up funds in the process.