Elite XI Spotlight Lari
24 Jan.

GW21: Elite XI Spotlight (Lari Ahti)

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lari bio

Lari Ahti

  • GW21 Points: 70
  • Overall Points: 1291
  • Overall Rank: 137k
  • Team Value: £102.3m
  • In The Bank: £0.3m
  • Chips Available: TC, WC2, BB, FH

NB: At the time of writing, there is still the Fulham vs Spurs fixture to be played in Gameweek 21

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Lari’s Season So Far

The Winter World Cup offered a chance for FPL managers to reset their squads. For many, this was a welcome break, and the unlimited transfers were gladly used to patch up issues or fix stagnating teams. For Lari, it was the exact opposite.

Lari’s start to the season was more than reasonable. After Gameweek 1, Lari was ranked in the Top 900k, racing ahead of over 9 million fellow managers. A great Gameweek 2 saw Lari’s rank skyrocket to 69k. As is typical with the FPL Gods, this was almost immediately followed by a 500k plummet in Gameweek 3, when a combination of injury and unexpected results gave Lari a below average score of 38 points.

In the subsequent Gameweeks, Lari’s good fortune returned in earnest and he was heavily rewarded by a series of shrewd transfers. Between Gameweeks 4 and 16, Lari achieved 12 out of 13 green arrows, reaching a pre-World Cup rank of 9k! With all his chips intact, a Top 10k (at least!) finish in sight, Lari had every right to be feeling optimistic as we headed into Gameweek 17 and the return of Premier League football.

elite XI league table

Since then, it has been a rough ride for Lari as red arrow after red arrow has hammered his rank downwards. Despite this, Lari’s rank is still a highly respectable 137k which puts him in fifth place in the Elite XI league, and only 4 points behind Craig Reumert in fourth spot.

Double Gameweek 20

Lari made bold moves in Gameweek 20, making three transfers at the cost of 8 points. These moves enabled Lari to attack the double Gameweek, set his team up for the subsequent weeks, and remove some deadwood from his squad. Darwin Núñez (£8.8m), João Cancelo (£7.1m) and Leandro Trossard (£6.7m) made way for Luke Shaw (£5.2m), Marcus Rashford (£7.1m) and Harry Kane (£11.7m) for a net gain of 14 points, and a robust-looking team for the immediate future.

Sadly, this was not enough to prevent a red arrow with other single Gameweek players faring much better.

Gameweek 21

Like many FPL managers, Lari rolled the free transfer into Gameweek 22 in order to better navigate the upcoming double Gameweeks and the potential rescheduling of existing fixtures. Lari joined the 92.9% of managers in the Top 100k and put faith in Erling Haaland (£12.2m) for the captaincy, contributing to a Gameweek score of 70. According to Live Insight, the average number of points (including auto subs) in the Top 1m is currently 73.1.

Lari is hoping that returns from both Harry Kane and Aleksandar Mitrovic (£7.1m) will turn that arrow green, and end the downward streak.

Restart has been a disaster. My GW21 is going the same way as every Gameweek after the World Cup, which means I am on a red arrow again. I was even lucky to be right side of Ward/Kepa coin flip, but it didn't help enough. Mitrovic and Kane could turn my arrow to green, but I am not expecting a lot from them. It is the hope that kills.