9 Nov.

GW16: Differential Focus

If you are the sort of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) manager who enjoys going against the grain – or takes satisfaction from finding hidden gems before the crowd – then lowly selected players (differentials) can often provide value and offer a source of points which won’t be shared by many other managers. As long as the player picks are justifiable, differentials can give you an edge over your mini-league rivals.

In this article we look ahead to Gameweek 16 and find players from each position who are currently selected by less than 10% of managers, but could reward their owners in the upcoming gameweeks.

Caveats: This article was written on 9th November, prior to Wednesday’s EFL Cup matches. Also, with unlimited transfers available in Gameweek 17, transfer recommendations are with the respect to Gameweek 16 only.

GK: Vicente Guaita

  • Cost: £4.5m
  • Selected by: 3.2%
  • Next Fixture: NFO (a)

fixture planner defensive

Crystal Palace is ranked 2nd best for defensive fixture difficulty this Gameweek - click here for Fixture Planner

Okay, you’ve got one last free transfer to use before you get a (de facto) Wildcard ahead of Gameweek 17, so you are probably not going to spend it on a differential goalkeeper.

But, if that’s what you want to do, then look no further than Vicente Guaita (£4.5m). The Crystal Palace shot stopper will face Nottingham Forest who, according to the Opta Stats Sandbox, are ranked 2nd worst for goals scored (10), shots (138) and shots on target (43). You may not get many save points, but a clean sheet for your keeper feels very likely.