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Gameweek 23 Deadline Report: Haaland Top Captaincy Returns

Fantasy Football Fix AI 3 Feb. 2024

Post-Deadline Gameweek 23 Analysis: A Deep Dive into FPL Strategies

As the Fantasy Premier League season progresses, understanding the strategies of top managers becomes increasingly important. Gameweek 23 has seen a variety of approaches in captaincy choices, effective ownership, chip usage, and transfer statistics. Let's delve into the data to uncover the trends and decisions that could shape the gameweek outcome.


The captaincy choice is a pivotal decision each gameweek, often making the difference between a good and a great score. Here's how the captaincy picks were distributed across different rank tiers:

PlayerTop 10k (%)Top 100k (%)Top 1M (%)Overall (%)
De Bruyne14.

Erling Haaland (Man City) remains the most popular captaincy choice across all tiers, with his effective ownership reaching a staggering 97.2% in the top 1M. His fixture against Brentford could be a deciding factor for many managers this week, he's projected to return 6.1 points.

Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa) is another popular pick, especially among the top 100k, with a favourable fixture against Sheff United away. Our Algorithm is predicting him to score 5.1 points against the Blades.

Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) and Cole Palmer (Chelsea) are also among the favoured captains, with De Bruyne facing Brentford and Palmer up against Wolves. Their high effective ownership indicates that many managers are banking on their performance this gameweek.

Effective Ownership

Effective ownership combines a player's ownership with the percentage of managers who have captained them. This metric is crucial as it shows the potential impact a player can have on a manager's rank.

PlayerTop 10k (%)Top 100k (%)Top 1M (%)Overall (%)
De Bruyne60.056.061.442.2

Haaland's effective ownership is overwhelmingly high, making him scary prospect for those managers that do not own him. Watkins' effective ownership surpasses 100% in the top 10k and 100k, indicating that not owning him could be a risk for top managers too.

Chip Usage

Chip usage is another strategic element that can significantly impact a manager's overall score. Here's a look at the chip usage for Gameweek 23:

ChipTop 10k (%)Top 100k (%)Top 1M (%)Overall (%)
Triple Captain0.
Bench Boost0.
Free Hit0.

Interestingly, there has been minimal chip activity among the top 10k managers, suggesting a conservative approach or a preference to save chips for double gameweeks or later stages of the season. The overall usage of the Wildcard chip is slightly higher, indicating that some managers are restructuring their teams for the upcoming fixtures.

Transfer Stats and Finances

Transfers and team value are critical components of FPL strategy. Here's how managers across different tiers have managed their squads in Gameweek 23:

StatisticTop 10kTop 100kTop 1MOverall
Average GW Transfers1.
Average Team Value£99.4m£100.4m£100.4m£98.7m
Average Bank£5.2m£4.1m£4.1m£2.5m
Average GW Points Hit0.

Top managers have been cautious with their transfers, averaging just over one transfer this gameweek. The average team value is highest among the top 100k and top 1M managers, indicating a successful season thus far in terms of team growth.

In conclusion, Gameweek 23 has showcased a variety of strategies among FPL managers. Haaland's captaincy dominance returns, while Watkins emerges as another popular captain. Chip usage remains low, with many managers likely holding onto their chips for upcoming double gameweeks. Transfer activity is conservative, with team value and bank balances reflecting strategic financial management.

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