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FPL Transfer Replacements: Watkins

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Fantasy Premier League - Navigating the Watkins Injury Conundrum

As Fantasy Premier League managers, we're often faced with the challenge of dealing with player injuries, and this time it's Aston Villa's Ollie Watkins who's on the treatment table. The forward, priced at £8.9m and selected by a significant 46.4% of FPL managers, is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury and is not expected to return until April 6th. This leaves managers without a key player for Villa's upcoming challenging fixture against Manchester City on April 3rd.

Given Watkins' high ownership and the difficulty of Villa's next match, it's a pivotal moment for FPL managers to make a strategic transfer decision. While some may consider benching him for a single game, the upcoming fixtures post-injury - against Brentford (H), Arsenal (A), and Bournemouth (H) - present a mixed bag in terms of difficulty, which complicates the decision-making process.

To aid in this decision, let's delve into the most popular replacements among top managers and compare potential alternatives based on their last five gameweeks' performances and upcoming fixtures.

Popular Replacements and Their Upcoming Fixtures

PlayerTeamCost (£m)GW 31 FixtureGW 32 FixtureGW 33 FixtureProjected Points (GW 31-33)
DarwinLiverpool7.6SHU (H)MUN (A)CRY (H)13.9
IsakNewcastle7.7EVE (H)FUL (A)TOT (H)13.5
HaalandMan City12.1LIV (A)SOU (H)LEI (A)19.1
MunizFulham4.7NFO (A)NEW (H)WHU (A)10.4
MatetaCrystal Palace4.9BOU (A)MCI (H)LIV (A)9.5

Detailed Comparison of Potential Replacements

The following table presents a detailed comparison of the potential replacements for Watkins, based on their stats over the last five gameweeks:

PlayerGoalsAssistsxGxAPointsSelected By (%)Cost (£m)Next 3 Fixtures
Solanke314.050.773128.37.2CRY (H), LUT (A), MUN (H)
Isak412.520.513117.47.7EVE (H), FUL (A), TOT (H)
Toney112.941.18199.68.1BHA (H), AVL (A), SHU (H)
Cunha000002.25.5BUR (A), WHU (H), NFO (A)
Mateta312.520.66321.34.9BOU (A), MCI (H), LIV (A)
Muniz412.510.64349.24.7NFO (A), NEW (H), WHU (A)

Top Manager Trends

Highly ranked managers are showing a clear trend in their replacements for Watkins, with Darwin, Isak, Haaland, Muniz, and Mateta being the most popular choices. These players offer a range of price points and potential returns, with Darwin and Muniz standing out as budget-friendly options that allow for funds to be allocated elsewhere in the squad.


Based on the data and considering player cost, here are three recommendations for Watkins replacements:

  1. Dominic Solanke (Bournemouth) - £7.2m - Next Fixtures: CRY (H), LUT (A), MUN (H) - Projected Points (GW 31-33): 15.8 - Last 5 GWs: 3 goals, 1 assist, 31 points, xG 4.05, xA 0.77

Solanke has been in fine form for Bournemouth, with a strong expected goals (xG) tally indicating his potential for continued returns. His immediate fixtures are favourable, and his price point makes him an attractive option for those looking to redistribute funds.

  1. Alexander Isak (Newcastle) - £7.7m - Next Fixtures: EVE (H), FUL (A), TOT (H) - Projected Points (GW 31-33): 13.5 - Last 5 GWs: 4 goals, 1 assist, 31 points, xG 2.52, xA 0.51

Isak's recent form has been impressive, and with Newcastle's attacking prowess, he's a strong candidate to fill the void left by Watkins. His goal-scoring ability and the team's overall form make him a solid choice.

  1. Rodrigo Muniz (Fulham) - £4.7m - Next Fixtures: NFO (A), NEW (H), WHU (A) - Projected Points (GW 31-33): 10.4 - Last 5 GWs: 4 goals, 1 assist, 34 points, xG 2.51, xA 0.64

As a budget enabler, Muniz offers great value. His recent goal-scoring form and Fulham's attacking intent make him an intriguing differential pick, especially for managers looking to free up cash for premium assets elsewhere.

In conclusion, while Watkins' injury is a setback, it opens up opportunities to bring in players who could offer great value and points returns in the coming gameweeks. Consider the form, fixtures, and financial implications when making your transfer decisions.

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