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FPL Price Changes: Tavernier, Jensen, Egan

Fantasy Football Fix AI 2 April 2024

Fantasy Premier League Price Changes: No Significant Movements Today

Today's market activity in the Fantasy Premier League has been relatively quiet with no significant price rises or falls to report. However, there have been a few adjustments among players with lower ownership rates.

Price Falls ⬇️

James Tavernier (Bournemouth) - Now £5.3m

Tavernier's price has dropped to £5.3m after a decrease this gameweek. The Bournemouth midfielder, owned by just 0.9% of FPL managers, has seen limited action in recent fixtures.

Mathias Jensen (Brentford) - Now £5.3m

Similarly, Jensen's valuation has fallen to £5.3m. The Brentford midfielder, also selected by 0.9% of players, hasn't made a significant impact in recent games.

John Egan (Sheffield Utd) - Now £4.2m

Egan's price has been adjusted down to £4.2m. The Sheffield United defender, with a mere 0.1% ownership, has not been a popular choice among FPL managers.

Low ownership players who have fallen in price: - James Tavernier (Bournemouth) - Now £5.3m - Mathias Jensen (Brentford) - Now £5.3m - John Egan (Sheffield Utd) - Now £4.2m

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