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FPL Gameweek 37: Differential Options

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In the ever-competitive world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), finding under-the-radar players can be the key to climbing the ranks. With ownership levels below 10%, Noni Madueke, Richarlison, and Callum Wilson present unique opportunities as differential picks. These players offer potential high returns for managers looking to differentiate their teams to help win their mini-leagues.

Noni Madueke (Midfielder)

Cost in FPL: £5.3m

Overall Ownership: 0.9%

Top 100k Ownership: 0.1%

Predicted Points for Next Gameweek: 7.3

Next Fixtures: Nott'm Forest (A) + Brighton (A)

In-form differential Noni Madueke from Chelsea is a rare find in FPL squads, present in only 0.9%. Despite his talent, the former PSV winger has faced challenges with minutes and consistency throughout the season. Over the course of the campaign, Madueke has played 20 games (862 minutes), scoring 5 goals and providing 3 assists. Notably, his goal tally outpaces his expected goals (xG) of 2.78, indicating a sharp finishing ability. His assist total is also slightly above his expected assists (xA) of 2.15, highlighting his effectiveness in creating chances.

Madueke's recent form has been impressive, in the past two Gameweeks he stands out for chance creation, tallying 12 attempted assists, the highest among his teammates. Additionally, he's recorded 13 shots, second only to Cole Palmer among Chelsea players. His dynamic performances suggest he could be a pivotal player in upcoming fixtures. With a relatively easy schedule ahead, including a match against Nott'm Forest, Madueke is a prime candidate for managers looking for a midfield maestro who could deliver significant points.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 11.15.57

As shown in the Opta Player Heatmaps tool, Madueke's performance and statistics are comparable to teammates Palmer in the last 2 Gameweeks.

Richarlison (Midfielder)

Cost in FPL: £6.8m

Overall Ownership: 3.1%

Top 100k Ownership: 0.9%

Predicted Points for Next Gameweek: 7.3

Next Fixtures: Burnley (H) + Man City (H)

Following a remarkable display off the bench against Liverpool last week, Richarlison emerges as a potential game-changer in Double Gameweek 37. The Brazilian showcased his sharpness in a cameo role as a second-half substitute, amassing nine FPL points. Richarlison has been a key figure for Spurs this season when available, appearing in 28 games (1,492) and amassing a total of 122 FPL points. With 11 goals to his name against an xG of 8.81, Richarlison has demonstrated exceptional efficiency in front of goal, surpassing expectations. His assists count stands at 4, against an xA of 1.83, showing his ability to not only finish chances but also set them up.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 11.31.02

Seven-time top 10k manager, Mark Mansfield, is currently eyeing up Richarlison if B Fernandes is ruled out as described in his team reveal notes.

The Spurs midfielder's impactful performance against Liverpool hints at his potential to influence the remaining 2 Gameweeks. Should he return to his earlier form from this season, he might emerge as a significant game-changer for those willing to gamble on the Brazilian.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 11.27.23

Richarlison has the highest xG per 90 minutes (0.53) of all the Spur's attacking assets, as shown in the Opta Stats Sandbox feature.

Callum Wilson (Forward)

Cost in FPL: £7.8m

Overall Ownership: 3.0%

Top 100k Ownership: 0.02%

Predicted Points for Next Gameweek: 4.0

Next Fixtures: Brighton (H) + Man United (A)

Freshly returned from injury, Callum Wilson presents an intriguing option for the upcoming Double Gameweek. The forward has been the a focal point of Newcastle's attack when available this season. However, he has been limited to 19 games (976 minutes). He has scored 9 goals from an xG of 9.07, aligning closely with expected outcomes, and has contributed 1 assist.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 11.39.22

Eight-time top 10k manager, Tim Walpole, has opted for the Newcastle double attack in his current Free Hit draft. As you can see by the vice captaincy on Haaland, he is considering a differential captaincy choice.

Wilson's ability to get into goal-scoring positions is further evidenced by the 2 goals he has registered in just 92 minutes over the last 2 Gameweeks. Wilson's performances after returning from injury have been characterised by his relentless pursuit of goals and his sharp instincts in the box. With upcoming fixtures that present viable scoring opportunities, Wilson stands out as an excellent forward option for FPL managers looking to capitalise on his goal-scoring prowess.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 11.44.53

As shown in the Predicted Lineups tool, there could be some concern for Wilson's minutes. Newcastle have lined up in a 443 formation for most of the season, accommodating Wilson by changing to a 442 to face Burnley last Gameweek.


Madueke, Richarlison, and Callum Wilson are potential game-changers in FPL. Their low ownership and promising fixtures make them ideal candidates for managers aiming to gain an edge in their leagues.

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