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FPL Gameweek 34: Differential Options

Fantasy Football Fix AI 17 April 2024

Uncover Hidden Gems: FPL Differentials Under 10% Ownership

In the realm of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), finding the right differential can be the key to climbing the ranks and outsmarting your mini-league competition. With the majority of FPL managers often gravitating towards the same pool of popular players, those who dare to venture into the less trodden path by selecting under-the-radar players can reap significant rewards. For Double Gameweek 34, we spotlight three such players, each owned by under 10% of managers, who could offer a unique edge to your FPL team. Let's delve into what makes Trent Alexander-Arnold, Eberechi Eze, and Oliver McBurnie compelling picks for the coming Gameweek.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold (Defender)

Cost: £8.4m

Overall Ownership: 8.5%

Top 100k Ownership: 0.2%

Predicted Points: 8.6

Next Fixture: Fulham (A) & Everton (A)

Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold has been a mainstay in the team when fit and available. He has appeared in 22 games (1,668 minutes) this season and amassed a total of 104 FPL points. With 7 clean sheets when featuring, Alexander-Arnold's route to FPL points is notable. Especially when considering the Merseyside team is projected to keep 0.7 clean sheets in the Double Gameweek, second to only Arsenal (0.8). Beyond his defensive contributions, Alexander-Arnold's forward forays and set-piece duties have made him a consistent source of assists, achieving 5 so far this season. However, he has created 13 'big chances', the most of any defender in the league. Despite a season that hasn't hit the high marks of previous years, his favourable upcoming fixtures make him a standout differential choice.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 10.16.58

Alexander-Arnold has better creative statistics per game compared to Virgil and Robertson, as shown in the Fix Comparison Matrix. However, picking the Liverpool defender with the most minutes over the two fixtures could be key for FPL points.

Lari Ahti, who has 4x top 10k finishes and 2x top 5k finishes to his name, currently has opted for Alexander-Arnold in his latest Free Hit draft.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 11.02.16

The legendary FPL manager seems to be attacking Liverpool's favourable fixtures. He mentioned in his Manager Mindset notes he will have three of their players in his team. However, which ones might change depending on minutes played when they feature in Europe Thursday night. You can see his latest Free Hit draft in the Elite XI: Team Reveal feature.

Eberechi Eze (Midfielder)

Cost: £6.0m

Overall Ownership: 5.0%

Top 100k Ownership: 3.2%

Predicted Points: 7.2

Next Fixture: West Ham (H) & Newcastle (H)

Eberechi Eze of Crystal Palace has taken to the pitch in 22 matches (1,641 minutes) this season, gathering 93 FPL points through his efforts. With 7 goals that slightly exceed his expected goals (xG) of 6.25, Eze has proven to be an efficient finisher. His assist tally stands at 3, aligning closely with his expected assists (xA) of 3.89, and he has created 5 big chances. Eze's knack for being in the right place at the right time, combined with his ability to turn half-chances into goals, makes him an attractive midfield option. His recent performances have shown a player in good form, capable of making a difference in tight games such as scoring the winner against Liverpool last Gameweek. Eze's upcoming fixtures against West Ham and Newcastle presents a promising opportunity for points, making him a valuable differential pick.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 10.24.37

As shown in the Match Stats tool, Eze features highly for both goal threat and creativity statistics for Palace demonstrating his talisman status.

Oliver McBurnie (Forward)

Cost: £5.4m

Overall Ownership: 0.2%

Top 100k Ownership: 0.0%

Predicted Points: 5.6

Next Fixture: Burnley (H) and Man United (A)

Sheffield United's Oliver McBurnie arguably isn't the best forward differential this week, with both Cunha and Mateta being better options. However, with his minuscule ownership, he could be seen as a 'super differential'. The Blade's forward has featured in a 20 games this season (1,205 minutes), accruing 64 FPL points. With 6 goals, McBurnie has matched his expected goals (xG) of 6.01, showcasing his prowess in front of goal. Additionally, his assist count is at 3, which is slightly above his expected assists (xA) of 2.22. He has returned 2 goals and an assist in his last 4 games, averaging 5.5 FPL points over this period. McBurnie's ability to find the back of the net, coupled with his recent form that has seen him become a more focal point of Sheffield United's attack, makes him an intriguing forward option. The upcoming fixtures, particularly the home game against Burnley, provide a ripe opportunity for McBurnie to add to his tally, making him an excellent differential pick for those looking to gain an edge in their FPL leagues.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 10.39.01

Sheffield United are second for attacking fixtures for Double Gameweek 34, as shown in the Fixture Planner tool.

In conclusion, while the masses may flock towards the more well-trodden paths, the astute FPL manager knows the value of a well-chosen differential. Trent Alexander-Arnold, Eberechi Eze, and Oliver McBurnie each offer unique opportunities for points in the upcoming Double Gameweek. Their low ownership levels mean that their successes could be your gain, offering a potentially significant boost up the FPL ranks.

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