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FPL Gameweek 28: Differential Options

Fantasy Football Fix AI 5 March 2024

Unearthing FPL Differentials: Doughty, Tavernier, and Morris in the Spotlight

In the realm of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), finding those hidden gems with low ownership can be the secret weapon for managers aiming to ascend the ranks. This week, we turn our attention to three players who are not only poised to deliver points in the upcoming double gameweek but also offer a unique edge due to their differential status. With ownerships below 10%, Doughty, Tavernier, and Morris could be the key players to differentiate your squad from the masses.

Doughty (Defender)

Cost in FPL: £4.7m

Overall Ownership: 3.4%

Top 100k Ownership: 24.0%

Predicted Points for the Next Gameweek: 5.6

Next Fixture: Double Gameweek - Crystal Palace (A) and Bournemouth (A)

As a steadfast member of Luton's backline, Doughty has been a fixture in the team's defensive setup, contributing to 79 FPL points this season. Despite Luton's defensive challenges, with just 2 clean sheets, Doughty's offensive contributions, including 1 goal and 8 assists, stand out. His expected assists (xA) of 4.59 suggest he's outperforming expectations, a testament to his ability to create significant opportunities. With a double gameweek against Crystal Palace and Bournemouth, both away, Doughty's potential for clean sheets and offensive contributions make him an enticing differential pick, especially given the favourable matchups. It is also worth considering that Luton are one of only eight teams who have a fixture in Gameweek 29.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 09.01.33

As shown in the Opta Stats Sandbox tool, Doughty has the second most FPL assists amongst defenders, with only Trippier (10) achieving more.

Tavernier (Midfielder)

Cost in FPL: £5.4m

Overall Ownership: 0.36%

Top 100k Ownership: 0.64%

Predicted Points for the Next Gameweek: 8.5

Next Fixture: Double Gameweek - Sheffield Utd (H) and Luton (H)

Tavernier has been a linchpin in Bournemouth's midfield, amassing 73 FPL points over 23 games (1,718 minutes). With 2 goals and 4 assists, his contribution to the team's attacking efforts is undeniable. He has underperformed his xG (3.75) and xA (4.87) which suggests he should have amassed more FPL points this season. Tavernier's potential for creating chances, combined with Bournemouth's favourable double gameweek against Sheffield United and Luton, both at home, makes him an attractive differential. His low ownership and potential for both scoring and assisting render Tavernier an excellent choice for FPL managers seeking to capitalise on midfield opportunities.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 09.11.55

Another Bournemouth midfielder that could be considered is Justin Kluivert, his per 90 minutes stats are compared to Tavernier's in the Opta Player Heatmaps feature above. The Dutch midfielder demonstrates advanced goal threat in contrast to his teammate, however, has played considerably less minutes this season (1,175).

Morris (Forward)

Cost in FPL: £5.1m

Overall Ownership: 6.5%

Top 100k Ownership: 2.2%

Predicted Points for the Next Gameweek: 7.0

Next Fixture: Double Gameweek - Crystal Palace (A) and Bournemouth (A)

As Luton's attacking spearhead, Morris has racked up 109 FPL points through his involvement in 26 matches (1,787 minutes), boasting 8 goals. His performance slightly exceeds his expected goals (xG) of 7.74, showcasing his efficiency in converting chances. With 6 assists and an expected assists (xA) of 2.69, Morris proves to be a key player in Luton's attack. His form has been notable, returning an average of 6.57 points per game in his last 7 fixtures. That's 0.86 more than Erling Haaland over the same period. Facing Crystal Palace and Bournemouth in a crucial double gameweek, Morris's knack for finding the back of the net positions him as a prime differential forward for FPL managers.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 09.42.19

As shown in the Predicted Points & Stats tool, due to having an extra fixture in Gameweek 28 and not blanking in Gameweek 29, Morris sits second highest for projected points in this period.

Integrating Doughty, Morris, or Tavernier into your FPL team not only brings the potential for points during their double gameweeks but also offers a strategic advantage through their differential status. Whether it's Doughty's dual threat of defense and attack, Morris's goal-scoring prowess, or Tavernier's midfield creativity, these players present unique opportunities to gain a competitive edge in the FPL landscape.

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