23 Aug.

Fix Beginner's Guide to Daily Fantasy Sports

By Fantasy Football Fix ()

We have teamed up with FantasyBet this season to give you daily fantasy, it is like the season-long game, but each gameweek it feels like you are playing your 'free hit' chip.

You can win up to £2,500 cash every gameweek playing, and if that was not sweet enough our partnership means you will receive a free THREE month Premium subscription to

This contest gives Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers an opportunity to display their skills on the competitive stage and experience the added intensity that comes with competing for a huge cash prize.

Suddenly, that dead rubber mid-table clash between Burnley and Newcastle has you captivated for a whole afternoon.

But what is a single gameweek contest and what are the differences to the traditional season-long format?

Single gameweek fantasy, as its name suggests, spans one gameweek’s worth of fixtures. Rather than having to stress about the long-term value of a player, managers can instead opt for a team they think will score the most points over the upcoming 90 minutes.

When the gameweek ends, the leaderboard is finalised and the £2,500 prize-pool is split progressively through the top 20%, with first place receiving the highest and so on.

Sometimes the game is not beautiful. We can change that.

A boring gameweek often leads can be unsatisfying, a poor FPL points score and a few quid wasted on accumulators, but with FantasyBet this is not the case.

Whether you are on 35 points or 100, it completely depends on how well your opposition is performing. Even in the most low-scoring gameweeks, you could be just an assist or clean sheet away from winning big.

How should this change your approach?

Remember the old saying ‘It is a marathon, not a sprint’. Well, when it comes to daily fantasy that can be reversed. It is a sprint, not a marathon!

Whilst the prices, positions and scoring on FantasyBet are near identical to FPL, the approach is far from it.

Traditional fantasy is largely a game of patience and adhering to the law of averages, whilst single gameweek fantasy makes use of more short term tactics such as fixture difficulty and calculated differentials.

What impact does this have on tactics?

Perhaps the most exciting element of single gameweek fantasy is that it allows managers to express themselves through their tactics. The fact that each lineup is only used for 90 minutes allows managers to experiment with their team and gamble on players without being stuck with them for the foreseeable future.


Selecting multiple players from the same club (known as stacking) is another popular strategy within single gameweek fantasy, especially with defensive players. Stacking is an ‘all your eggs in one basket’ tactic that could have enough upside to propel you into the top 20%, should your chosen team keep a clean sheet.

Bargain Benches

In the season-long fantasy game, a well-balanced bench is important with injuries, suspensions and dips in form, whereas the single gameweek format allows you to swerve these annoyances and invest more heavily in your starting XI.


Last season, FantasyBet user ‘CyberWombat’ won a £25,000 contest with a very unique lineup. He then remarked how his “fairly average level of game intelligence and criminal disregard of statistics” were his biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Finalising your lineups

Unlike FPL, the team submission deadline for contests on FantasyBet is 5 minutes before the first match starts. This means you will be able to see the lineups of the teams that play first each gameweek.

Lineups are tweeted by each club’s official Twitter account exactly 1 hour before their match kicks off. It is important to use these lineups to ensure your chosen players are starting and also to scout any surprise additions.

Entering your team

Enter this week’s £2,500 single-gameweek contest after depositing between £10-£500 using the code FIX19 and receive a FREE three-month premium subscription (worth £24) on

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