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Elite XI: Team Reveal (Wildcard Special)

13 March

The Elite XI: Team Reveal feature allows Fix Premium Plus members exclusive access to the greatest Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers. The combined Elite XI boasts an extraordinary 80 top 5k finishes and 60 top 10k finishes. Offering real-time tracking data, push notifications and detailed insight into manager’s strategies, the Elite XI is unlike any other team reveal.

This weekly article will take you deep into the mindset of the world’s best FPL managers, allowing you to match your playing style to individual members of the Elite XI and use their incredible insight to help inform your own FPL decisions.

In this ‘Wildcard Special’ we explore the tactics of three Elite XI managers who took different paths regarding the deployment of their second wildcard. Dan Bennett, who, like many others, played the chip in Gameweek 26; Paul Marshman who waited an extra week, playing his wildcard in Gameweek 27; and, finally, Philman, who resisted the temptation altogether and still has it in his back pocket.

Caveat: this article was written on Monday 13th March with Gameweek 27 fixtures still to play.

dan bennett bio

Dan Bennett

  • GW27 Points: 48
  • Overall Points: 1665
  • Overall Rank: 372k
  • Team Value: £99.6m
  • In The Bank: £3.1m
  • Chips Available: BB, FH

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Gameweek 26 Wildcard

Following the news that Fulham had progressed to the next round of FA Cup, effectively causing a blank fixture for both themselves and Liverpool in Gameweek 28, Dan – like many others – took the decision to play the Wildcard.

This was largely due to the fact that many managers, could not resist the temptation of tripling-up on Liverpool assets for their double in Gameweek 25. The sudden blank in Gameweek 28 meant that extensive surgery was required to balance the future needs of their squads.

I played the Wildcard on the Thursday before the deadline [of Gameweek 26]. It set me up well for DGW27, BGW28 (which has more teams playing then we expected), and DGW29 (when I’ll likely Bench Boost). BGW32 could be easy to navigate without a free hit chip so I may look to use this chip in DGW34 or DGW37.

For many Gameweek 26 Wildcarders, the events which unfolded were a kick in the teeth and the same was true for Dan. With Mohamed Salah (£12.8m), Trent Alexander-Arnold (£7.3m) and Darwin Núñez (£8.8m) scoring 39 points between them in the mind-blowing 7-0 destruction of Manchester United, Dan can be forgiven for feeling aggrieved at his bad luck.

But, with Liverpool assets suffering unusually low ownership as of Gameweek 26, the rank damage caused was not so much from those who held onto their Liverpool assets, but by those who correctly selected their Brighton assets. Dan went for Solly March (£5.1m) who earned just 3 points, while Karou Mitoma (£5.5m) bagged 13 points which stayed firmly on Dan’s bench.

Dan’s unfortunate Wildcard timing has seen his rank drop from 270k to 372k. Like many managers, he will be hoping that things look rosier when Brighton and Brentford play their second fixture on Wednesday.

dan bennett squad preview

Gameweek 28 Preview of Dan's team - click here for Elite XI Team Reveal