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4 Aug.

Elite XI: Team Reveal - Meet the Manager

The Elite XI: Team Reveal feature allows Fix Premium Plus members exclusive access to the greatest Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers. The combined Elite XI boasts an extraordinary 60 top 5k finishes and 80 top 10k finishes. Offering real-time tracking data, push notifications and detailed insight into manager’s strategies, the Elite XI is unlike any other team reveal.

This weekly article will take you deep into the mindset of the world’s best FPL managers, allowing you to match your playing style to individual members of the Elite XI and use their incredible insight to help inform your own FPL decisions.

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Walter Randazzo

  • Top 5k Finishes: 5
  • Top 10k Finishes: 7
  • Best Overall Rank: 1,802

This week we talked to Walter Randazzo, who started playing FPL in 2007. During this time, he has finished in the top 5k on five occasions and seven times in the top 10k. His career best was in 2014/15 when he finished 1,802nd in the world.

Playing Style

Walter represents the calmer, more risk-averse of our Elite XI managers. While he recognises the importance of both, he is largely fixtures over form, opting to attack fixture swings to get ahead of the curve and targeting the next big transfers before the crowd. Walter breaks down his squad into long-term picks – which tend to be his goalkeepers and defenders – and shorter/medium-term picks such as attackers. When asked to describe his style, Walter used one word:

Prudent. There could be some differentials every now and then but I usually don’t take too many risks. I don’t set any particular targets in terms of rank, I just want to score as many points as I can week after week. I also like to leave some money in the bank to give me a bit of flexibility.

It is little surprise that Walter is not the biggest fan of taking points hits, although he acknowledges that there are situations in which they are beneficial. His prudent nature and natural inclination to plan ahead means that unless circumstances dictate it, he is happy to stay within his free transfers.