20 Sept.

Elite XI Spotlight - GW8 (Daniel Boije)

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This weekly article will take you deep into the mindset of the world’s best FPL managers, allowing you to match your playing style to individual members of the Elite XI and use their incredible insight to help inform your own FPL decisions.

daniel boije

Daniel Boije

  • GW8 Points: 57
  • Overall Points: 438
  • Overall Rank: 716k
  • Team Value: £97.6m
  • In The Bank: £4.4m
  • Chips Available: WC1, WC2, BB, TC, FH

With the madness of Gameweek 8 behind us, we speak to one of the only Elite XI managers who is playing their Wildcard in Gameweek 9. Following the fixture postponements, 9 of our Elite XI managers hit the Wildcard button but Daniel Boije did not, waiting instead until after the Gameweek deadline had passed.

Playing Style

As a former professional poker player, Daniel describes himself as stats-oriented and very disciplined when it comes to FPL. Analysis of underlying statistics – particularly Expected Goals (xG) and Expected Assists (xA) – forms a big part of his playing style.

Patience and discipline are important factors. I value transfers a lot. I rarely make any rushed decisions. My transfers are usually done just before the deadline so that I can get the maximum amount of information before making a decision.

Daniel started playing FPL in the 2013/14 season, where he finished just outside the Top 100k; a very respectable finish for a maiden season. Since then, he has erupted onto the FPL scene, with 1 x Top 1k finish, 3 x Top 5k finishes and 5 x Top 10k finishes; in fact, his only season finishing outside the Top 100k was his first.

Asked about chips generally, Daniel said:

Wildcards are my favourite chips. I would prefer the old version [of FPL] with no other chips. I think the chips bring more variance to the game. Bench Boost is my least favourite chip since I never really had any success with it. I like to wildcard quite early to get into the template players and start building value as soon as possible.