23 Nov.

Elite XI Spotlight (Dan Bennett)

The Elite XI: Team Reveal feature allows Fix Premium Plus members exclusive access to the greatest Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers. The combined Elite XI boasts an extraordinary 80 top 5k finishes and 60 top 10k finishes. Offering real-time tracking data, push notifications and detailed insight into manager’s strategies, the Elite XI is unlike any other team reveal.

This weekly article will take you deep into the mindset of the world’s best FPL managers, allowing you to match your playing style to individual members of the Elite XI and use their incredible insight to help inform your own FPL decisions.

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Dan Bennett

  • GW16 Points: 30
  • Overall Points: 915
  • Overall Rank: 507k
  • Team Value: £103.0m
  • In The Bank: £0.0m
  • Chips Available: WC2, BB, TC, FH

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Season Review

For many, the Gameweek prior to the World Cup was significant in terms of rank change. With so few points going to the more popular picks, Gameweek 16 offered an opportunity for those who had gone against the template to gain some ground. And of course, it offered misery to those who stuck to ‘conventional wisdom’. For Dan, it was particularly brutal, dropping him from 256k to 507k in one harsh weekend.

Dan’s season has been up and down. A reasonable start, saw him rise to 237k by Gameweek 5 but a difficult Gameweek 6 dropped him right down to 600k. Dan worked his way back up from here, getting as high as 167k in Gameweek 11, but a string of three red arrows dropped him back down to 433k in Gameweek 14.

When asked about the Gameweeks leading up to the World Cup, Dan said:

It’s been a tough season so far for me, spending most of it fluctuating in rank in the top half a million. This was particularly evident in the last two gameweeks, going from 430k up to 250k and then back down to 500k. That gives me a lot of hope for the rest of the season though, as the ranks are still heavily congested. One good gameweek can propel you up the ranks.