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FPL Gameweek 24: Differential Options

Fantasy Football Fix AI 8 Feb. 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), uncovering hidden gems can be the key to climbing the ranks and outsmarting your competition. With the majority of managers gravitating towards the same pool of popular players, those who dare to venture into the realm of the underowned can find themselves reaping substantial rewards. This week, we turn our spotlight onto three such players, each owned by less than 10% of FPL managers: Alfie Doughty, Ross Barkley, and Matheus Santos Carneiro Da Cunha. These players offer a unique blend of potential and differential status that could be the catalyst for a surge up your mini-leagues.

Alfie Doughty (Defender)

  • FPL Cost: £4.6m
  • Overall Ownership: 5.3%
  • Top 100k Ownership: 2.5%
  • Predicted Points for Next Gameweek: 4.5
  • Next Fixture: Home against Sheffield Utd

Alfie Doughty has been a consistent presence in the Luton backline this season, racking up 1953 minutes across 22 appearances. With a total of 72 FPL points, Doughty has contributed 1 goal and 7 assists, showcasing his attacking potential from the back. Despite Luton's defensive struggles, as indicated by the 33 goals conceded, Doughty's individual performances have been a bright spot. With Luton securing 2 clean sheets and Doughty's ability to create 6 big chances, his attacking returns complement his defensive contributions. The upcoming fixture against Sheffield Utd presents a favorable opportunity for Doughty to add to his clean sheet tally and possibly chip in with attacking returns, making him an enticing differential pick.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 16.06.14

Using the Opta Stats Sandbox tool, we can see that Doughty is third for FPL assists (7) this season for defenders, more than Alexander-Arnold (4) and Estupiñan (3).

Ross Barkley (Midfielder)

  • FPL Cost: £4.9m
  • Overall Ownership: 0.8%
  • Top 100k Ownership: 0.1%
  • Predicted Points for Next Gameweek: 4.1
  • Next Fixture: Home against Sheffield Utd

Ross Barkley, now plying his trade at Luton, has appeared in 18 games this season, amassing 62 FPL points. With 3 goals and 4 assists to his name, Barkley has been a key figure in Luton's midfield. His expected goals (xG) of 2.81 and expected assists (xA) of 3.82 suggest that his output closely aligns with underlying performance metrics. Barkley's knack for creating 6 big chances demonstrates his ability to influence games for the Hatters. Given his low ownership and the potential for both goals and assists, Barkley's upcoming fixture against Sheffield Utd makes him a compelling differential, especially for managers looking to gain ground in midfield.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 07.00.32

Luton are ranked 2nd for attacking fixtures using the Fixture Planner tool. It should be noted despite their favourable fixture this Gameweek and then a double in 25, they will then have a blank in 26. However, it was announced yesterday that they will now have two fixtures in Gameweek 28.

Matheus Santos Carneiro Da Cunha (Forward)

  • FPL Cost: £5.7m
  • Overall Ownership: 6.9%
  • Top 100k Ownership: 1.64%
  • Predicted Points for Next Gameweek: 4.7
  • Next Fixture: Home against Brentford

Matheus Cunha has been a revelation for Wolves this season, featuring in 23 games and accumulating an impressive 107 FPL points. With 9 goals and 6 assists, Cunha has outperformed his expected goals (xG) of 7.31 and expected assists (xA) of 4.12, highlighting his efficiency in front of goal. His ability to convert chances and create opportunities for teammates has been vital for Wolves. Cunha's recent form, coupled with his relatively low ownership, makes him a prime candidate for those looking to differentiate their forward line for a budget price. The upcoming home fixture against Brentford provides a perfect stage for Cunha to continue his impressive run of form.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 16.19.16

In the last six gameweeks - as shown in the Opta Player Heatmaps tool - Cunha has taken the third most shots (22), with only Darwin (28) and J.Álvarez (23) having more.

In conclusion, Alfie Doughty, Ross Barkley, and Matheus Santos Carneiro Da Cunha represent a trio of low-ownership options with the potential to deliver significant returns in the coming gameweeks. Whether you're looking to bolster your defence, midfield, or attack, these players offer a blend of value, potential, and differential status that could prove pivotal in the FPL landscape.

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